Astropics of Lázár József

Telescope images

Caldwell C30 IC434 IC443 M2 M3 M11
M13 M14 M15 M27 M31 M33
M35 M42 M45 M51 M57 M64
M65, M66 M71 M81, M82 M101 M106 M108, M97
M109 NGC281 NGC891 NGC2237 NGC2359 NGC2403
NGC3628 NGC7331 NGC7380 NGC7635

Telephoto images

NGC7000 NGC7000 Caldwell 80 Caldwell 92 Caldwell 99 LMC
Milky Way Orion Cygnus IC1805 Milky Way

Solar eclipse 2017

Timelapse videos

Milky Way over lake Balaton Northern ligths over Lakselvbukt, Norway


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